Bug Adventure Knowledge Adventure 1994

Fourth and last chapter of educational software written by Knowledge Adventure for DOS, "Insects and other small animals" is similar to "Undersea Adventure" with pictures of insects and arachnids, and text on their manners. Two sets of recognition of pictures and some animations complete the package. Take an exciting, inviting, interactive journey into the creepy, crawly world of insects. Which bug is the loudest? The longest? The fastest? The sweetest? Who's got an eye with 10,000 lenses? Get facts and answers in the Bug Encyclopedia. It allows you to settle into the Honeycomb Theater to view clips of bugs doing incredible things. It has over 100 extensive descriptions of insects, their structures and habitats. Read a talking storybook, play games and more. It uses life-like animation, three-dimensional graphics, sound, and text to teach children about the world of insects. Your child will learn facts about arthropods while developing reading and researching skills. It's primarily aimed at young people, and going through it does not exceed two hours.
Full Demo 8MB (uploaded by Abandonware France)
ISO Demo 255MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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