JumpJet Rex TreeFortress Games 2015

Remember when platformers were so tough that people would hurt their hands playing, but feel amazing after getting past a level? Relive those moments with JumpJet Rex’s strenuous platforming challenges and retro boss battles. Originally created as a quick title for GameJam 2014, the developers found something special about this peculiar T-Rex wearing jet boots, and decided to flesh it out into a fully featured title. Taking inspiration from classic games like Mega Man and Sonic, they wanted to offer players a new 2D platformer that's not only goofy fun, but also tough as nails. It features beautiful hand-drawn 16-bit graphics and classic chiptune music that transfers dino lovers back to the 2-D glory days of the early 90's. With dozens of items stashed across the Galaxy, and many secret areas to discover, it offers plenty to do for the treasure hunters in the house. With a time challenge twist, players can replay every level multiple times to prove their platforming prowess. Download ghosts to race against the best players in the world, or compete directly with your friends to see who can post the best times. Saving all of dinokind from a giant asteroid barreling down on Earth is a pretty tall task for a T-Rex with tiny arms, so players can team up with a friend to take on challenges. Teammates must coordinate efforts in order to avoid mass obliteration. No two T-Rex's are alike and fans will be able to customize their character and upgrade their appearance with the loot they collect on their travels.
Browser-Playable Prototype Demo 9.4MB (uploaded by GameJolt)
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
Full Demo v1.0.113 54MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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