Tormentum: Dark Sorrow OhNoo Studio 2015

This is a surreal adventure game featuring moral choices. The action of the game is set in a dark world, veering between dreams and nightmare. The main protagonist, that the player takes control over, doesn't remember his name nor the place where he came from. Visiting new lands, he slowly starts to uncover the truth about himself. Traversing different areas the hero learns the dark world in which he was imprisoned. The dreamlike atmosphere featured in the game was inspired by the works of a Polish painter, Zdzislaw Beksinski, and a recently deceased Swiss painter, H.R.Giger, among others. The game's final appearance was also greatly influenced by the worlds presented in such games as Demon's Souls and Dark Seed. From this mixture we created a world full of darkness and depression. Unfortunately, bigger problems seem to arise. The flying ship lands in a big castle and the main hero is soon imprisoned in it. This is how this surreal story from the border of dream and reality begins. It's a dark adventure from the border of dream and reality with unique, hand-drawn illustrations. It has 3 lands, differing in terms of architecture, weather, and creatures dwelling in them; moral choices which will have an impact on the game's end; a variety of riddles integrated into the game in a form of different locks, traps, gates, etc.; outstanding soundtrack with more than 20 tracks; characters with unique personalities, which will help or try to prevent the hero in reaching his goal; incredible atmosphere and 4-6 hours of gameplay.
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Beta Level Demo 48MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
ISO Demo 303MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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