Wave Ball: Root Revision Megaware / Alawar 2002

In this game, the new approach to Breakout games is realized. 3D projections of all kinds make the gameplay unusual and interesting. Numerous bonuses make life easier and sometimes harder. Lots of various levels and 3 game board versions ensure that you won't forget this game after the first run. Additional levels are downloadable from the Internet. It's a pretty rare feature for this game type. Magnificent sounds and graphics makes pleasant impression along with thoroughly worked details. It's a perfect remedy from boredom at home and at work. Passwords for each level allow you continue playing from the place you left last time.
Level Demo 8MB (uploaded by File Planet)
ISO Demo 41MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo (new age setup) 9MB (uploaded by annoyment)
Full Demo + Game Fix by aclair (provided by undef & basetta and upped by Scaryfun) 9MB+2.4MB

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