Foggy Hedgehog 2: Razor Space [Ru] JetDogs Studios / Akella 2006

Hedgehog woke up and found that his wife is in a zombie state. But that was only the beginning of a terrible story. In search of a cure for his beloved, our hero discovers that already half of the forest is dominated by mysterious forces. Very soon, hedgehog will go on a journey through the galaxy, meet with Princess Duri and a talking gorilla who knows all the answers. Will the Hedgehog find a cure for his wife and save the Earth from catastrophe? The truth, as we know, is somewhere near. Features: continuation of the infamous project; stylish videos revealing the plot; fun gameplay and a unique atmosphere of light madness; 60 gaming locations, 6 original mini-games, and interesting assignments; a large number of characters, including the Universal Evil, Skunk, accordion player and, of course, the Hedgehog.
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Russian 2CD ISO Demo 905MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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