Sorcerian Forever [J] Nihon Falcom Corp. 1997

Ten years after the release of the original, a next-generation sequel to the classic RPG Sorcerian is released. As in the original you control a party of 4 player-generated characters through side-scrolling dungeons hoping to solve a series of quests divided across standalone scenarios. The game features 5 brand-new scenarios and an updated graphics engine which nonetheless uses the same side-scrolling control scheme as in the original game with some additional controls for direct magic use and a new HUD interface. As you travel back and forth between the dungeons and the town in which you used to buy weapons and equipment, you can now also access the new magic academy where you can create spells and enchant items to use in the main game.
Japanese ISO Demo 553MB (uploaded by Molitor)
Partial menus/town dialogue English Translation 841kb (uploaded by Romhacking)

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