Grave Prosperity: Redux LDC Studios 2015

This action-adventure horror game made with RPG Maker follows Amber Ridge as she finds herself broken down on a mountain road. Without any reception and no signs of passer-byers, she is forced to walk to the nearest town - Prosperity. A place that knows no God and exists only to make you suffer. Utilize a deadly arsenal of agility, blade-work and gun-play to fend off the darkness that stalks your every movement. Collect EXP through solving puzzles and slaying grotesque creatures in order to upgrade your stats to better suit you survival needs. This game is hard - "Ninja Gaiden Hard." Although the story does present dark and edgy locations, make no mistake, this is not a run-and-hide horror game. The action is very pronounced, and very much dependent on reflexes and timing. If studying your enemy, learning a tight combat system and trial and error are what you seek in a game, then look no further. It rewards the player with victory through struggle. Part 1 (Feb 16). On Feb 1/2016, the game was removed from sale by the developer.

See also: #Grave Prosperity: Part 1

Full Demo 353MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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