Tapper Bally Midway Manufacturing Co., Inc. / SEGA Enterprises, Inc. 1984

Tapper is a fun arcade game where you're a beer tapper (barman) and have to serve beer to demanding customers. It's a progenitor of food delivery time-management games. There are four customers, each has its own lane lengthier than the previous one, whom you have to keep at bay. If they reach the end of the lane without receiving their beer, you're a goner; if you miss one and accidentally spill beer needlessly you lose a life and should one of them throw you back the mug and you fail to catch it, you lose a life as well. Occasionally a bizarre icon will appear on one of the lines and, should you grab it, will invoke a "cabarette"-style show which will keep some of the customers occupied. You also collect tips and there is a challenge round in between each level. There are four settings for the game, each setting lasting for two to four levels: a western, sports, punk and space bars.
Full Demo 42kb (uploaded by Abandonia)
Browser-Playable Free Javascript Game (uploaded by Olivier Biot)
Floppy Image ISO Demo 224KB (uploaded by Molitor)

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