Whitewash Bruno Xavier Leite / Bedroom Developer (BD-GS) 2014

Early Access Release This is a First-Person Puzzle and Adventure/Platformer game. In a near future, for unclear reasons, humanity had to find a way and fly away as far as possible from Earth. Society created all kinds of technology aiming sustainable life in space... One of those technologies was the materialization of the 'O'Neill Cylinder'. Such technology allowed humanity to launch entire civilizations into deep space. Living in one of these gigantic colonies a man, who is always having bad dreams about playing bad video-games, tries to keep pace and ignore depression caused to long periods of isolation. He is so used to be alone that he can't even notice the fact that there's no more people around him, although the city he lives in is still vibrant and breathing, apparently. Robots?! He is very paranoid against the colony leaders, which he never knew anything about or saw their faces, and blame them as responsible for all of his psychological problems. One day this man awakes and finally notices that he is the only human he sees around, wasn't like this on Colony's early days. He immediately believes that the leaders are killing everyone due to lack of resources and unless he manages to flee from the prison that the Colony have become, he is about to die as well. And so he begins his quest trying to find a way back to Earth, believing that a Global catastrophe was nothing but a big lie, a gigantic 'whitewash', that world leaders dragged people in.
Full Demo v1.4.11 300MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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