Clifford the Big Red Dog: Musical Memory Games PBS Kids / Scholastic Interactive 2001

Join Clifford and his friends as you make instruments, learn new songs, help sort shells, dance with the dogs, and more. While having fun with music, kid will also practice and strengthen his/her memory, logic, and early math skills. After a storm breaks the radio tower on Birdwell Island, Clifford the Big Red Dog and his master, Emily Elizabeth, decide to make music with friends Charley, Cleo, and T-Bone. Kids join them in the fun by making instruments, singing songs, sorting shells, dancing with the dogs, and more. The program's 19 age-appropriate activities challenge children (ages 4 to 6) to develop their memory, logic, and early-math skills. An automatic help tool allows for self-guided play, while all activities progress according to children's skill level. Once they've assembled all the instruments, kids get to create their own music with Clifford and his very big band.
Hybrid PC/MAC ISO Demo 340MB (uploaded by Macintosh Garden)
Clifford Det Stora Musikäventyret - Swedish ISO Demo 395MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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