Pier Solar and the Great Architects WaterMelon Corporation 2014

This is an enhanced remake of the 2010 Genesis game of the same name following a crowd funding campaign. It is a JRPG game with turn-based battles and state-of-the-art aesthetics about the journey of three young heroes from the town of Reja. In this prospered and peaceful town there live three best friends: Hoston, Alina and Edessot. Young and curious, they want to go on a herb-seeking quest to help cure Hoston's father's mysterious illness. Little do they know ... it will be the beginning of their lifetime journey where they will learn the true meaning of friendship and the thrill of adventure. This journey will demand their courage and wisdom to solve a long-lost mystery while they face the forces of destruction dispatched by an evil man who is trying to change the world for his own good. Through this escapade, they will be reborn as great heroes to protect the universe from a mistaken purpose. Originally designed as a game to resemble the 16-bit era, this version was updated for modern platforms. The core game is identical, but all assets have been redone with HD graphics along with the music. The story has been expanded with new locations and challenges, there are more than ten new sidequests, four new mini-games and new battle features. It has an original world, storyline, soundtrack, characters, enemies, battle style, 50+ hours of gameplay, over 300 locations, nearly 500 unique treasure chests, and over 800 NPCs. There's an innovative battle system that puts you in control of up to five characters and includes in-depth strategic moves such as counter-attacks and a special strategy called Gather, which stores energy to unleash even more powerful moves and spells. The game has been translated into six languages. For the HD graphics there is a regular HD and an HD+ mode where the latter adds more smoothing.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)
GOG ISO Demo v2.0.01 + Patch + Extras 1.75GB+375MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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