Crypto Cube DesignWare, Inc. 1983

20 themed words are arranged in criss-cross formation over the faces of a three-dimensional cube. You have to guess and uncover them. A mascot- The Wuzzle- apprises you of your progress. When uncovering the words, you will get: a blank square- no points and the turn is over; a vowel- 5 points and another turn; a consonant- you get a question mark and must guess the letter- a correct guess nets 10 points and another turn, an incorrect guess -5 points and the turn is over. There are also bonus squares that let you pick an extra square on the current cube-side, as well as one on another side. New word lists can be added by the user- ostensibly to allow children to practice their spelling homework.
Floppy Image ISO Demo 45KB (uploaded by Molitor)

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