Silk Road 2 Sprite 1998

Fantastic world of different stages in top view action for this shareware RPG. The story starts out with a magician summoning a giant chicken from the sky. She destroys the chicken, but a catgirl is left behind! So she does the natural thing to do: She takes her to a spring and they both partake in naked swimming. The game plays like Zelda, except you can use three weapons at the same time, and you save by collecting Goddess Coins. Let Tsukisusumo kick the cute enemies in the field to scatter them. Acquire items to be able to proceed properly to different areas. Unique boss characters who also thwart the way. Since they launch pretty elaborate attacks, in order to defeat them you must figure out their attack pattern. Cute characters and the range of difficulty make it likeable to everyone.
Shareware Game v2.11 (Pass: SILK28117) 1.5MB (uploaded by Vector)
Full Demo v2.12 1.4MB (uploaded by myloch)

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