JumpStart Pre-K Knowledge Adventure 1996

Jump Start Pre-K follows (in age-range) and builds on the skills learned in Jump Start Preschool in Knowledge Adventure's lineup of learning games created for each grade and age-group. In this game for the 3 - 5 year old, the player is taken to the colorful main page: a town map full of clickable icons leading to activities and song. Each activity begins at the easiest level, and can be adjusted manually, or the game will automatically adjust as the player responds with correct answers. All actions are point and click and there are many clickable places on the map and in each area that produce animations. As the player progresses through an area, correct answers will earn him stars, and four stars give him a chance to pick an object (trees, playground equipment, characters) to place in the town park named for him.
ISO Demo 214MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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