Peggle Nights PopCap Games, Inc. 2008

This sequel to Peggle is more of an expansion pack than a full-featured new game. The gameplay remains exactly the same: the player controls a cannon at the top of the screen, that can turn 180ยบ and shoot balls at a series of bricks or pegs that turn brighter when hit. The ball bounces around the screen and eventually falls down, making the touched bricks explode. The player has limited number of balls to clear all the orange pegs. A large bowl keeps moving at the bottom of the screen from one side to the other and, if the ball falls inside, it is saved and added to the remaining ones. At the moment before the ball hits the last orange peg, the camera zooms in for a slow-motion close-up and Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" starts playing in the soundtrack. After that, the ball falls in one of the five bowls that cover the bottom of the screen, with bonus points ranging between 10,000 to 100,000 points. In the Adventure Mode, the game is divided in 12 stages, each one with 5 levels and a different character. The character changes the power-up released by hitting the green bricks/pegs. For example, in the levels of the squirrel Jimmy Lighting, the power is multi-ball. In the Claude the lobster levels, it is a pair of claws that act like pinball flippers. The Challenge Mode has 60 unique levels with specific goals. Five of the Challenge levels are only playable after completing 15 levels in the Adventure mode, while the remaining 55 levels are only accessible after completing it. In Quick Play the player can retry any completed levels, and in the Duel Mode two players can compete in hot-seat. Three expansions have been released: a holiday theme, a spring theme and a pack with fan-art-based levels.
Full Demo v1.0.3.6632 36MB (uploaded by myloch)
ISO Demo 286MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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