Aquamania! / Ozean Suma / Pearl Hunt Noviy Disk / Roka Publish 2010

If you are a person who does not possess his skills in computer games, then you are definitely interested in this game, since it is able to bring pleasure to absolutely anyone. This game belongs to the genre Arkanoid and Zuma, has a very simple and intuitive gameplay, thanks to which everyone can enjoy the game atmosphere. The waters of the southern seas hide considerable wealth. But to get them, you have to take the gun and shoot without a miss until long chains have not reached the pearl and coral sand on the ocean floor. Hit several gems of the same color, beat the most mind-blowing record and pass all levels of this fun and exciting puzzle game. Features: classic arcade-style puzzle, a myriad of exciting levels and locations, various bonuses for combos.
Russian Full Demo + English Patch 5MB (uploaded by myloch)

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