Mutanoid Math Challenge Legacy Software 1991

Meet The Mutanoids! It's the year 2020. The Earth is totally trashed. In depseration, rockets full of junk are launched into the next galaxy. Mutanoid aliens squeeze their shapeless bodies into the old coffee pots, trash cans and broken down appliances. But nothing works anymore. Even the warranties have expired. Overnight, the Mutanoids become the laughing stock of the universe. The Mutanoids want revenge. They challenge you to a math contest. Win promotions, trophies and tournaments. Or lose and get glopped. You may think the Mutanoids are "spaced," but watch out. Their game playing is simply stu"pun"dous. The Cubix Cantina is no ordinary "grill" and "drill". Fill in spinning cubes to create correct math equations (+,-,x,/) at three levels of difficulty. Enrich your understanding of essential, pre-algebra math concepts. Learn to read charts and graphs while solving challenging word problems. Practice mental estimation skills as you race against the clock. Arcade action - splat that pesky gelatoid alien while he jiggles across the gameboard. 15 Weird and wacky Mutanoid opponents, including... Buzz: A chainsaw alien, he's "sharp" at math; Perky: A coffee pot, she's "good to the last equation"; Barbie Q: When a victory in the Challenge is at "steak", her math is "well done"; Little John: A toilet, he'll "bowl" over the competition. More than 60 colorful animations when least expected. Spinning cubes, starbursts, wise-cracking aliens, dropping glop, talking TV heads and more dot this loony landscape. No two games are ever alike. Every opponent is uniquely strange. Solve over 200 challenging word problems. Win up to 5 promotions. Your character changes when your rank does. Glop or be glopped at tournament time. This game goes way beyond drill and practice. By creating their own interesting equations, kids apply their knowledge of math facts in new and flexible ways. They discover critical, underlying mathematical concepts while generating multiple solutions to problems.
Modified Floppy Images ISO Demo (provided by basetta & upped by Scaryfun) 525kb
Proper Floppy Images ISO Demo 610kb (uploaded by ibmpc5150)

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