Casper: Mystery In The Castle Compedia / New Disk 2006

Every child is familiar with Casper, the most unusual ghost in the world. Well, if ghosts in general may be conventional... But the fact is that Casper - is the friendly ghost. Previously, we could only watch cartoons and films about Casper and his adventures. Now every kid 6-8 years old will be able to play and learn with him. The ancient castle full of secrets, mysteries and surprises. It does not get the common man, because the castle doors are locked with seven keys that are hidden in the most unexpected places. Casper necessarily has to find all the keys to open the door and get his boy's toy, which happened to be in the castle. Casper's superpowers, as well as care and ingenuity are very useful. Game is developed in collaboration with experts in the field of education and help children develop memory, attention and critical thinking skills. Different levels of difficulty allow the child to choose the most convenient pace of the game. Includes: seven mini-games, and a bonus cartoon about Casper.
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Russian ISO Demo 204MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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