Legend of the Artifact, The Blob Games Studio 2014

This is a 2.5D platformer with fighting elements for up to 4 players. An evil wizard has stolen the golden treasure known as The Artifact, which keeps the land in peace and harmony. The legend says that four heroes saved the land last time it happened, and now four new heroes will have to stop the wizard and get back The Artifact to it's shrine, The Sanctum. You will play as one of the four heroes; Matt, Chip, Aria or Huey. Play alone or with friends and advance as a team in order to recover The Artifact and defeat the wizard. Features: multiplayer with up to four players, co-op or against each other; fun combat mechanics, along with dozens of items and weapons; 9 worlds to play through; 16 playable characters with different stats and special moves, some unlockable; 70 levels to play, each one adding to the TLoTA universe; tons of secrets - three collectible gold spheres in every level and more; a huge pile of bosses to fight and enemies to encounter; a large varied soundtrack; a simple, yet engaging storyline, mostly told through visuals.

See also: #Legend of The Artifact Remastered

ISO Demo 483MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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