In Between gentlymad / Headup Games 2015

This platformer stars a protagonist whos dying of cancer in this tragic story for reflection. It gets its name from its world which is 'in between' reality and fiction. You’ve got the hard hitting storyline of our protagonist, whose life and struggle we'll learn more about during the course of the game, sandwiched between "mindbending puzzles". It's a clever yet emotional matchup. These puzzles will involve manipulating your surroundings and gravity itself. It's a platformer, but not in a traditional sense as there is 4-way gravity alteration which can totally change the way you move through a level. Plus, it will also feature mechanics derived from thanatology, which is the scientific study of death and how the body changes with it, so expect that to be worked in somehow. Additionally, it will feature static and dynamic obstacles and interactive story sequences.
Level Demo 135MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
Multi5 Full Demo + Two Patches 366MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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