Sill Field [J] t-Jun 2008

Fragile girl against horde of undead creatures? She will stand and fight! Luckily, she is armed and dangerous for all enemies. Defend yourself. Action RPG fans can surely rejoice, because the game ranks, despite its small size, as one of the best of this style in the field of freeware games. You will find yourself in the role of a warrior who must deal with a whole horde of dangerous enemies. This warrior you control in third person. You'll use the classic maneuvers such as defense, attack and special attack. Enemies are all around you and you have to deal with them, otherwise they will not go away. Gradually creatures will threaten such as skeletons, mummies, dark knights and magicians also who fling fireballs. You have to keep an eye on the health, accumulate mana, and here and there you come across bonuses. Perhaps if you help an animal, it will help to kill the skeleton. The graphics are solid as is the sound in the game.
Japanese Free Game v2.2 2.6MB (uploaded by hfric)

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