UltraVixen 2 PIXIS Interactive, Inc. 1999

Ariel is now Ultravixen - a 'reigning sci-fi sex superstar of the 21st century'. One day when she is cruising deep space with her boyfriend Zig she is entrapped by a 'supersex-crazed space demon' (with tentacles, of course). The only way to destroy it seems to hit it in the moment of its highest pleasure. The gameplay in general is identical to that of UltraVixen: the player needs to pick a correct tool (in this case a correct tentacle) and use it on Ariel by moving the mouse back and forth rapidly. The game is divided into 3 levels. While first two differ only in the color of tentacles and some poses, the third one introduces new gameplay feature - the second pleasure meter (space demon's one). Now the player has to balance his actions so to please Ariel, but not the beast. To make things more complicated the level starts with demon's meter almost completed. Visually, it's not different from the first game. However, there are significantly less details and animations and there are no backgrounds at all.
UltraVixen 1+2 Full Demos 20MB (uploaded by hfric)

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