Void and Meddler no CVT / Mi-Clos Studio 2015

Fragments and details, rainy nights and blurry lights are all Void & Meddler focuses on. A one night intrusion into Fyn's life and hopes. Tired of her last two years spent wandering without goal, without memories, among disillusioned strangers, and pitiless scavengers, our main character decided to put an end to all of this. She'll have few hours to put things right, to seek strong, pure and substantial memories, in a city where genders and species melt into each other, maybe she'll find back the touch of humanity that has been missing for a while in her life. A non-linear point & click adventure in 3 episodes. A dark, poetic and cyberpunk universe. Puzzles can be resolved in different ways. Surreal atmosphere inspired by Philip K Dick, William Gibson, David Cronenberg, Shinya Tsukamoto and Gregg Araki. Memorable soundtrack and unique art style oscillating between pixel art and comics book by Black Muffin. Episode 2: Lost in a Night Loop (Oct 31/2016), Episode 3 (2017).
Screenshots/Video Episode#
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Prototype Demo 50MB (uploaded by GameJolt)

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