Timmy's Science Adventure Compedia 2000

Join Timmy in an exciting adventure in a virtual science museum in which the child will understand scientific phenomenon, will acquire valuable thinking skills and tools to better understand our world. Learn about Science and Nature. Build problem solving skills. Scientific knowledge and curiosity. The child will be able to operate a microscope simulator, will see demonstrations and explanations about various physical phenomenons, will learn about scientific facts by participating in television quiz show and even travel into space! Each stage of the adventure is an educational fun game which makes learning science exciting and fun! The activities are full of examples, photos and video clips to simulate reallife situations. There is also the possibility of practicing the experiments at home, with the participation of the parents. The games and activities are in various levels of difficulty to enable the child to play and learn at his own pace. The associate Internet site includes additional and updated material and references which will provide hours of learning and excitement. The schools version includes an in-depth teacher's guide, with additional tasks and activities.
2004 Release - Proper AlcoholClone ISO Demo 308MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Hebrew Clone ISO Demo 402MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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