Mission UFO: A Solar System Odyssey J and B Associates 1992

This is an educational game for kids to learn facts about our solar system but it still is some fun for the older people who are interested in some interesting facts about the planets and space missions. It is your task to find the UFO that comes exploring our solar system. You hunt it from planet to planet, always getting new hints on the current location from mission control. Mind that you don't run out of fuel and guess the planets to travel correctly. Finally you meet the UFO and the alien life form in charge for that UFO. He/she/it tells you a few facts from where he/she/it came and you are being promoted by the head of mission control and the UFO Division director from NASA. The graphics are nothing special but nice and the gameplay is fun. The sound mainly consists of some beeps and buzzes and the famous countdown (5 -4 - 3 - 2 - 1 - lift off) as real speech. The controls are just clicking with the mouse on the buttons on screen. Click on "radio" for hints, "nav chart" to choose your destination and "data bank" for information on our solar system. When you need some more hints use the hovercraft to reach the hint buttons on the planets surface. When you run out of fuel return to earth.
Full Demo 713kb (uploaded by hfric)

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