Kid's Zoo: A Baby Animal Adventure Knowledge Adventure, Inc. 1993

A baby animal adventure for animal lovers ages 3 to 12. Learn about nature from the cutest creatures on the planet. Click on someone your own size. What better way to introduce young children to early science than through young animals just their size? Children meet and play with, talk to and learn about all kinds of baby animals. From the delicate butterfly to the humongous hippopotamus. What children learn: baby animal names, animal sounds, initial letter sounds, lifespans and speeds, footprints and sizes, how animals are born. Animals from A to Z. Click to look up your favorite animal or play the Photo Safari game and see if you can make your way from alligator to zebra. How big? How fast? How old? How big will the zebra grow? How long will she live? These are just some of the questions children can answer by clicking sliders or reading notes on-screen. Plus, they can click on icons or footprints to learn even more. Read a book. In a delightful 20-page electronic book, children can ponder the age-old biology question: "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Whose footprint? Click on a footprint to find out whose it is. Guessing games. Young children love guessing games- especially ones about animals. By examining extreme close-ups of textures and animal parts, children guess to whom they belong in a game called "Who am I?" Other guessing games include an animal sound game, a location game and a name game. Watch a movie. In the baby animal movie theater, children get a glimpse of animal babies in their natural environments. They'll see a butterfly coming out of it's cocoon, a lioness grooming her young, and bear cubs being, well, bear cubs.
5x Floppy Disks ISO Demo 6.91MB (uploaded by FrostByte)
1996 ISO Demo 188MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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