Generation Ship Shide 2014

Light years from Earth, a ship sent to explore a new exo-planet has drastically malfunctioned. Oxygen, food, and energy systems are at critical levels, and all non-essential functions, including the snark-inhibitor of the on-board AI have been disengaged. You, Engineer 34 (aka "stupid meatsack"), have been awoken to deal with the problem manually, and what few options remain might only make the situation worse for those left in cryo-stasis. Still, there just may be a way out of this... This is a Unity sci-fi adventure game developed for the Ludum Dare 72 hour "connected worlds" competition, where a solutions to the cold equations needs to be calculated. Move around the various rooms of the ship with the [WASD] or [arrow keys], interacting with the various consoles on the ship with [E]. When a console is activated, it will offer choices that can be implemented with [1-9]. While parts of the enjoyment of the game is puzzling out your objectives, generally, you need to figure out a way to stabilize oxygen and food supplies, get the engines running again, make things safe for the rest of the crew, all without dying of radiation poisoning or a space virus. One's enjoyment will indeed largely depend on their tolerance of the "learn by dying" method of adventure gaming, where mistakes are constant and fatal, though balanced by quick restarts and no "unwinnable" conditions not met immediately with death. Perhaps the game could have leaned a bit more towards granting information about your surroundings, and a bit less sarcasm when you die because of something that wasn't really explained at the time (though, like many things in life, the unhinged AI voice-acting makes it easier to take). Other than that, though, it has tight gameplay, a great sense of ambiance and is remarkably well-constructed for a Game Jam entry. It presents a difficult puzzle that just begs to be persevered through, and each bit of progress is very satisfying.
Free Game (provided by oldman & upped by Scaryfun) 25.5MB

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