Weathered Underground, The Strom-Magallon Entertainment / Indican Pictures 2010

A groundbreaking interactive DVD that plays like a video version of the Choose Your Own Adventure Books as the story follows 21 Year old Eric (the character whom the audience makes choices for) as he deals with a skull crunching breakup. Eric is a struggling musician who just broke up with the love of his life, the somewhat insane yet adorable Liz (Brea Grant, NBC s Heroes). Now you, the viewer, must guide Eric through one insane evening with Criminals, Damsels in Distress or Mundane life while deciding whether Eric will win back the love of his life or crumble into Moral Decay... His fate is now in your hands... This allows the viewer via remote control or mouse (online) to control the story ultimately choosing a story of redemption or debauchery. Featuring over 30 different endings and 1,000 choices. The film can be played/viewed for up to four hours, over and over without getting the same plot line.
DVD9 ISO Demo (provided by crowfeathers & upped by Scaryfun) 7.07GB

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