Eksperyment Delfin [PL] ART4 Comp Group 1996

In the year 2068, humanity managed to conquer the fourth dimension: time. Time travel becomes so widespread that a danger arises - someone may try not only to learn about the past, but also to alter history. Now it is the year 2098. The player takes on the role of special agent Dino Szmit and his job is to pursue such time-villains. The adventure begins as the player wakes up after a time travel accident.. Experiment Dolphin is a point and click adventure that allows the player to travel in time to counter a Nazi conspiracy plot. The game takes the player back to the year 1942 and beyond. It's based on traditional inventory puzzles, enhanced by the ability to jump not only to another location to find a needed item, but also to a different time. The few conversations the player will have feature dialog options. Originally an Amiga game in 1995, a playable version for DOS was made with minor changes to the game's scenario.
Amiga Screenshots
Polish Level Demo 1.6MB
Emulated Amiga Version (ART4 3in1) which also includes Mentor, Misja Harolda 8.4MB (uploaded by The Company)
Polish Floppy Image ISO Demo 3.61MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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