Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection / Zwei II Nihon Falcom Corp. 2008

The Six Demon Lords betrayed the goddesses Aplyes and Espina and attacked the world of Granvallen. The Holy Kingdom of Valence eventually defeated them with the help of fairies and dragons. However, following the war all magic in Granvallen was sealed. Humans have learned to rely on technology in all their endeavors. Ragna Valentine is a treasure hunter who travels around the world on his airplane, performing jobs for various people. One day his plane is shot down by mysterious attackers. He is saved by a vampire princess named Alwen, who turns him into her Blood Warrior, a being with supernatural strength. Ragna agrees to help Alwen retrieve her lost magic and repel the demonic invaders who have captured her castle. Together, they embark on their new adventure. Zwei II is an action role-playing game and a sequel to Zwei!!. Though the game has a different character cast, it is set in the same world and shares many gameplay features. Among those is the ability to control two protagonists. The player automatically switches between Ragna and Alwen if he or she opts to attack physically or cast a magic spell, respectively. Like in the previous game, food is used to upgrade the characters, serving as experience points. Also back are pet companions (cats and dogs) who can attack enemies and learn special abilities as they level up. Unlike the predecessor, the game features fully polygonal cel-shaded graphics. In 2009 an updated version, Zwei II Plus was released that introduces compatibility with the Windows 7 system, as well as the following features: a new high difficulty dungeon called Dream Maze II; a new survival mode accessible at the G Colosseo, which puts the protagonists into consecutive battles; re-balancing of enemies and food needed to upgrade the characters; the Penguin character from the G Colosseo is now available as a pet; a new weapon called Muscle Gear; vending machines sell trading figures, and there are more item rewards; new costumes for the protagonists Ragna and Alwen; the possibility to fast-forward and skip events; paid service to decrease the difficulty of the skiing mini-game. In 2017, an English version of Zwei II Plus was released as Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection.
Zwei II Plus - Japanese DVD ISO Demo + English Config + OST 4.42GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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