Anomaly 1729 Anvil Drop, LLC 2015

Come explore the world of Phiohm, where up can be down, left can be right, and the way forward is never what it seems. Guide newly cognizant Ano on a journey of self-discovery by learning how to manipulate this ever-changing world. Find your bearings in this strange new place by searching for a way to communicate with the omnipresent being known as Yuler, who appears to be the only other presence within Phiohm. Experiment with Ano's ability to manipulate objects around you while trying to find your path through this unusual place. Rotate your world in order to solve mind-warping three-dimensional puzzles. Explore the depths of Phiohm to uncover the secrets of its past while you shape its future. Experience a uniquely dynamic soundtrack that builds upon itself as you explore your way through Phiohm. Feast your eyes on a strikingly abstract and colorful art style.
ISO Demo 383MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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