Fish Who Could Wish, The Tivola Publishing 1997

The award-winning interactive storybook starring the amusing and exuberant wishful fish. Children can watch and play as he wishes for a variety of things such as a purple and yellow submarine, a sports car, and a wardrobe of suits and silk ties. After each page has been read, children can explore the scene by clicking around on a host of hotspots. With plenty of visual surprises and witty animations, this is guaranteed to keep them entertained. The beautiful illustrations and funny ideas in this storybook will keep children entertained for hours. The story is read by Robbie Coltrane which means prime exposure on the shelves and in the media, as well as more fun for the children. All the children have to do is point and click, so they can let their imagination roam freely and proceed at their own pace. The clever sound effects and witty animation bring the story to life, adding an extra dimension to story-telling, to delight and amuse children endlessly. New "breath-of-life" techniques mean that there is always something happening on screen, ensuring that children are constantly stimulated and intrigued. Each time the CD-ROM is played, there are different sound effects and animation, encouraging children to read it again and again.
ISO Demo 670MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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