Unravel Coldwood Interactive AB / Electronic Arts Inc. 2016

This is a colorful puzzle-arcade platformer and is by far the most ambitious project of the Swedish developer whose portfolio includes productions such as FreakOut, Skiracing, Ski-Doo Snowmobile Challenge, and Move Move Fitness designed for PlayStation. The player assumes the role of a likeable mascot named Yarny, made entirely of thick, red yarn. The story that sets off an entire sequence of Yarny's exciting adventures relates to the recovery of memories of the hero and the search for his long-lost family. During our journey we traverse stunning locations inspired by authentic places from the region of northern Scandinavia. Gameplay mechanics do not differ significantly from most platformers; we overcome different obstacles and solve simple puzzles. An extremely important role in the game is played by physics as well as the unique ability of the hero who can unravel his yarn-like body to deal with different tasks while avoiding getting wet. Yarny can attach himself to various elements of the environment, forming a bridge of sorts, suspended over water or a deep chasm. He can also cross a river by jumping on objects floating in it and using a tethered fish as the raft’s drive. The game features a 2.5D perspective, which means that although the game world is three-dimensional, our protagonist only moves along a predetermined path. Without a doubt, one of the advantages of Unravel on PC / Windows is its extremely lovely graphics, with beautifully animated water and a characteristic depth effect. In terms of its visual side as well as gameplay this production bears resemblance to titles such as the LittleBigPlanet series or Yoshi's Wooly World known from the Wii U console.
Trial Demo (uploaded by Origin)

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