Recursion Deluxe 2D Heroes, Ursa Games 2016

A crash landing on a world inhabited by bee-like lifeforms. Stranded, our hero must unravel the rules of this uncharted planet to find their way home. Puzzle Platforming inspired by many of the great classics of the past. Carefully designed levels intended to provide an enjoyable difficulty curve. Meticulously-crafted pixel art creates a throwback to classic 16-bit aesthetics. Based on a Flash game released in 2012, this game has been rebuilt from the ground up in a new engine. This deluxe retail version features new puzzle mechanics, additional biomes, remastered original content, twice as many levels, new music and more. Classic Platforming - Overcome puzzles and challenging obstacles. Choose Your Hero - Choose between the two heroes and unlock more as you progress. Full controller support - Playable in Big Picture mode. Pixel-Perfect Rendering - No rotating pixels or sub-pixel movements here. Speed Running Love - Deterministic gameplay and ability to track the number of frames elapsed. Level Editor - Design your own levels and share them with your friends. Mod Support - Create and share your level packs with custom art and music assets. Twitch Plays - Host the game on your Twitch account and have your followers control the game with chat commands. Steam Integration - Cloud Saves and Trading Cards with more planned.
Full Demo 44MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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