MacGuffin Concrete Games 2015

"Good. Your plane tickets are ready. I already made a bank transfer of 1 000 000 on your account. We'll get in touch when you're inside the nuclear plant. You must understand that not getting the MacGuffin is not an option." - Richard N. This is a first person adventure and comedy game about stealing a mysterious object, called the MacGuffin. It takes place in an alternative present. You are a thief who's sent to take that object from a Nuclear Power Plant about to explode. You receive instructions on a smartphone. The game involves hacking computers, resolving quite simple puzzles, discovering the story and accomplishing your mission. Features: Ultra intense adventure, Explore the Japanese Nuclear plant and more; Extraordinary conversations with Richard; Free fact generator on your phone; Music right from another space and time; Find the truth and steal the MacGuffin.
ISO Demo 569MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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