Mister Fruit Joy [It] Simulmondo 1995

"Alle morbide Fruit Joy tu resistere non puoi, devi devi devi devi devi... masticar!" This was the slogan of a famous 90ies italian candy (by Nestlé): back in 1995 if you collected enough points taken from candy packages, you would have won a nice platformer made by Simulmondo. Help Mr.Fruit Joy to get all the candies scattered in 4 cities of the world: New York, Rome, Paris and London. Watch out for Rivali Micidiali: Golus Pivot (the basketball player) and Ingord Skate (the skater boy) who want to enjoy the delicious fruit candies of which Mr.Fruit Joy is made. Don't worry, you have 3 lives, use them well! Mr.Fruit Joy will visit one city at a time in search of 3 colorful candies scattered throughout the city. Along the way you will find other useful gadgets: the watches that will make you gain a few seconds, the fruit baskets to increase the score and the Mr. Fruit Joy puppets that serve to raise the energy level. Then come on! Help Mr.Fruit Joy to find all the candies.
Italian Floppy Image ISO Demo 1.3MB (uploaded by myloch)

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