Platformance: Castle Pain Magiko Gaming 2012

The princess has been kidnapped, and someone needs to rescue her. Of course, there's a valiant knight who is perfectly willing to risk gruesome and repeated death in order to do just that. This is a high-difficulty platform game, originally on XBoxLive in 2010, where the player must reach the princess at the top of the castle while avoiding a plethora of deadly and sometimes bizarre hazards. Death will only send the player back to the last checkpoint, and the game encourages replays by recording the best time and lowest death count for each difficulty. There are three difficulty levels, with higher difficulties adding more hazards to the castle.
Full Demo v1.9.1 + Platformance Temple Death v1.5.0 16.4MB (uploaded by Shattered)
Full Demo v1.9.1 + OST 9.9+36.7MB (uploaded by hgdagon)

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