Arabian Kid Yellow Horn Co / ASCII Entertainment 1996

This is a Japanese 2D platformer with cartoonish graphics. An Arab guy needs to rescue the princess from the clutches of the robbers who abducted her. The task at each level represented by a single screen is to get to the "Goal" mark (one of the few words in English here), for which you will need to jump on platforms (including moving ones in the form of strange looking heads), through fire, sharp spikes and enemies (previously calculating the intervals of their movement along strictly defined trajectories - and on the basis of sad experience, at what point they can "swing", and in which it is impossible), climb the vines (sometimes also moving) and demonstrate other miracles of dexterity. Sometimes there are bonus stars that you can collect. Note that the behavior of the enemies is somewhat different: nukers with sabers are not inclined to pursue the hero, even if they are behind him and follow in the same direction, but, for example, the snakes do.
Japanese ISO Demo 15MB (uploaded by myloch)

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