Adventures Add-On MMA 1997

This is a compilation of various add-ons for several rpg and strategy games. Warcraft II: lots of new Campaign, cheats. Heroes of Might and Magic II: lots of extra levels. Diablo: Character Editor, Item Editor, Town Kill Patch, Dr. Diablo. Daggerfall: Lots and lots of new quests, Character editor, Misc., Cheats. Contents of the Diablo add-on pack: Backup and FirstAid – Save your diablo characters or transfer them to other machines. Even COPY your characters; Dr. Diablo – Detect if other players in the game are CHEATING; Item Edit – Create any item you like with ANY attributes and magical properties; Townkill – Kill characters in town. (But not the townsfolk); Trainer – Alter your character or take on the forms of legendary Diablo heroes. Contents of the Daggerfall add-on pack: Player, save and quest editor – Alter Daggerfall as you like; New quests – Plenty of never seen before ORIGINAL quests from the creators of DAGGERFALL. Contents of the Warcraft 2 add-on pack: Cheats – Cheat in Warcraft 2, Campaigns – New whole Warcraft 2 campaigns. Contents of the Heroes of might and magic 2 add-on pack: New maps – Never seen before original HOMM2 maps.
Clone ISO Demo 12MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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