Lunatic Dawn: Book of Futures [J] Artdink 1995

Lunatic Dawn is an RPG series created by the maker of Tail of the Sun, Battle Construction Vehicles and No One Can Stop Mr. Domino. Lunatic Dawn is the simulation gamer's RPG. Nothing at all like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy or similar games like you'd expect out of Japan, they're more like open-ended fantasy quest simulators with little storyline (especially the early games) and randomly generated worlds. The "Book" spin-off series streamlines the world map by making travel waypoint-based and uses a more JRPG-typical turn-based combat system, although in structure the games still work similar to the early ones. Field map movement section became the thing that connected between the cities on a line (road-route). Not present are migration routes other than the interval, freedom movement and a vast field map from Lunatic Dawn II was gone. Without the intervention of the field map to the dungeon, you move directly from the town. World map is fixed, 4 urban and 12 municipalities and which state belongs in the map is randomly determined at the beginning of the game. The characters and the world, good, evil, order, and chaos attributes are parameters. In the case of character, that's the other party with too opposite attributes, not get turned on fellow. In the case of the world, countries are devoted to each of the attributes, when the world is inclined to a particular attribute, a country with the appropriate attributes prosper. And other adventurers of belongings, it is possible to steal the store of selling products. Steal and attribute is inclined to evil. If it fails to steal something, it becomes a battle with the guards of the adventurers and towns. The fine skill system is the abolished from Lunatic Dawn II, character abilities such as attack and trap released, was to be calculated muscle strength, intelligence, agility, from the charm of four-parameters. Being at home, you can save the items, making it easier to get a collection of rare items. Balance is considerably sweet, "flight" ends up success almost certainly if it is not to a great extent quick partner, such as a specific magical effect is too strong in spite of the cost, something rare and would know the sense of the game in will no longer die. In 2015, an English Translation was released.
Japanese ISO Demo 332MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
English Translation Patch 4.2MB (uploaded by Romhacking)

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