Lion's Song, The Mi'pu'mi Games 2016

A peculiar adventure game constituting a fully developed version of the freeware app released in 2014 for the Ludum Dare event. Episode 1: Silence (July 7) It takes place in Austria, in the early 20th century, and the plot in centered around three creative people at the defining moments of their careers: a young composer preparing to create her greatest work, a middle-aged inventor, and a brilliant mathematician working on a groundbreaking equation. The narrative forces the player to discover the course of events step by step, which requires you to pick out helpful hints during conversations with NPCs. The key elements of the game are phone calls and interactions with the environment, which provide the protagonists with the inspiration they need to finish their work. Your decisions affect the storyline of not only a single episode, but also of the whole game. It features a distinct vintage style, and the graphics of the game bring to mind old photos, yellowed with age. Episode 2: Anthology (Nov 22) Franz is an aspiring painter at the turn of the 20th century, trying to immortalize his name within Vienna’s high society. His unique ability to perceive the flaws, fears and emotions in so-called "layers" allows him to bring them – layer by layer – onto the canvas. Doing so, Franz illustrates his very personal view on his models – quite distinctive members of Vienna’s society – as well as his perspective of the world and the time he is living in. Through his work, Franz seeks to uncover not only the layers of others but also his own. His layers, who he has sought his entire life - unable to see, feel or perceive them. Will he be able to impress the critics? Will Franz find himself? And who will help him as the doubts proliferate? Episode 3: Derivation (Mar 16) Emma, a brilliant mathematician who is trying to make her voice heard in a man's world. Learn more about her struggle for creativity, human connections and inspiration. Episode 4: Closure (July 13) A mysterious train ride revisits all introduced characters – Wilma, Franz & Emma - and their emotional storylines. It will take you back into their past and tell you their future destiny. Their lives are being revisited as part of the stories of four men traveling together as strangers on a train, a journey towards an uncertain destiny. It will help you better understand how all individual plots intertwine in the cultural world of early 20th century Austria. A new angle to the stories will allow you an even deeper comprehension of the cultural, artistic as well scientific upheavals of that era – Wiener Moderne. It offers you an interesting and thrilled tale itself. The choices players make in this episode will have a direct impact on the storylines of all episodes, connecting it to one overarching narrative. The decisions made will ultimately determine if the protagonists find the success they are working for.
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Steam Free Episode 1 (uploaded by Steam)

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