Disney Princess: Cinderella's Castle Designer Disney Interactive Studios 2003

This game allows you to build the castles from the 1950 Disney animated film, Cinderella. It builds on the creative and compelling legacy of Disney Princess games by giving girls ages 5 and older the opportunity to create and decorate the castle of their dreams. Once finished, they will experience a wonderful storybook adventure that enables them to free Cinderella from the magic spell that locks her in the Fairy Tale book. Girls can customize the exterior of the castle, design the landscaping, and furnish the entire castle in a unique 3-D interface that lets them explore every nook and cranny of their castle creation. Design and decorate all of the rooms in five different magical castles using hundreds of accessories. Create a beautiful ballroom to dance in an enchanted chamber to hold all your gorgeous gowns or even a fantastic garden for a royal tea party. Decorate your own beautiful castle Create the royal bedroom of your dreams Design your very own throne room.
ISO Demo 603MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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