Colina: Legacy Samurai Games 2018

Release Date: TBA This is a horror videogame with puzzle elements. Control Alex as he struggles to grasp what has happened in the house on top of the hill, where his grandmother once lived. As Alex wakes up in his parents' car and finds himself alone, he looks at the house looming ahead of him. There's a weird feeling about it, as if something lurks there and watches, cast in shadows, smiling in the dark. Alex makes way towards the strange house. He can almost see the strings, dangling on the ceiling and over his shoulders. His parents must be there, no wonder, just waiting for him in the entrails of a beast called unknown. The question is, what else awaits? Non-linear progression - it was developed in a way as to create uncertainty to what player will find in the house on top of the hill. No gameplay section will be like the previous one regarding the suspense-mechanics implemented in the game. The writing was executed as to convey various layers of complexity. Players can interpret the story that unfolds throughout their gameplay sections in a simple way or analyse it and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. It brings a third-person camera for the game to pay homage to the horror games of old, where it reigned supreme. Quest and Game Design thought out the videogame's challenges and puzzles in different ways. The player will experience and understand the different mechanics of gameplay implemented through these challenges.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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