Yellow Brick Road III: Harapeko Tsuki To Hoshi Atsume [J] Synergy Interactive Corp. 1997

This was the very LAST game released by Synergy shortly before they went under. Also included is the equally rare "PC/Audio" soundtrack disc which was sold separately, and contains music and bonus content related to the game. This takes place after Yellow Brick Road 2, it is a new story about finding the Scarecrow who was eaten by the moon, on his way to a star collecting contest. Unlike the previous two games which had more RPG elements, this game is more minigame focused where you play minigames of various genres to make progress. There's a Single Version disc seperate release which contains one single minigame with hats and alot copies of same dance video optimized for different machines.
Japanese ISO Demo + Single Version ISO Demo (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 481MB+439MB

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