Alone? Deceptive Games Ltd. 2016

This is a Psychological Horror game that changes around you as you play. When Sam receives a letter from his sister Michelle, asking for help, he ventures back to the hostel where he grew up. Little did he know, what he was about to encounter. Can you track down your missing sister, and discover the strange occurrences happening at the home where he grew up? The game changes the landscape and direction as you play. There are four endings, can you find them all? An eerie immersive world is waiting for you to explore. It has been designed to provide a psychological horror experience, and aims to keep you unnerved. A large number of items can be examined and/or interacted with. Puzzle Elements - Collect items to aid your survival and progression. Designed to run at 1080p at 60fps (dependent on computer specifications game is run on). Features an intense and immersive sound design. Alone? VR was later released with a substantial amount of changes as a separate purchase.
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