Sesame Street: Monster Clubhouse Selectsoft / Encore Software 2002

Kids learn essential preschool skills in Monster Clubhouse. Join the Monsters in an activity center filled with ten engaging games and creative activities. Learn fundamental preschool skills such as rhyming matching shapes and colors musical composition pattern identification labeling emotions and much more. Membership Card: Design your own Monster Clubhouse Membership Card. Matching Window: Look outside the window to find the things that match what Elephant describes. Furry Feelings: Make a monster face that is angry surprised happy or sad. Monster Music: Fill up the song board with song shapes to make Monster Music. Then play back your creations. Matching Moves: Click on Mel's head arms and legs to change his moves and help him dance the same way as Narf. Snack Time: Help Narf create snacks by putting the right shapes in the Snack Machine.
ISO Demo 512MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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