Games Factory, The Clickteam / Xplosiv 1996

This is a piece of game creation software. It is the successor to Klik & Play. The package contains three playable games that showcase the potential of the software and which can be used as examples by aspiring developers. These games are: Zeb - a side scrolling platform shoot'em up game; Lobotomy - a Donkey Kong style game in which the player ascends a series of platforms while avoiding barrels which are rolling down them; Magician's Lair - a top down isometric game in which the player protects sheep from imps, all the imps have to be killed to complete a level. Games created with this package can be given away but cannot be sold commercially. It was later made freeware.
Freeware Version 1.6 10.6MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Sample Games: Zeb, Lobotomy, Magician's Lair 3MB / 2MB / 4MB (uploaded by Official Site)
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Manual & Tutorial Games 14MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Full Demo 191MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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