Puzzle Master 4 eGames, Inc. 2003

Puzzle Master 4 is a single person jigsaw game. It is essentially the same game as games in the Puzzle Master series with a revised screen for browsing through and selecting one of its two hundred and fifty pictures. The game's advertised features include: The ability to create your own jigsaws from images in BMP (Windows bitmap), JPG, PCX, MAC, TGA, WMF, ICO and WPG formats. The game contains basic functionality to capture, cut, stretch and alter the colour of the pictures. Puzzles the player has created can also be saved and exported so that they can be sent to friends. Six styles of jigsaw piece. The size and style of the jigsaw pieces can be changed mid game. Gameplay is straight forward, pieces are selected and rotated by clicking on them and then they are dragged into position. The player can sort pieces manually or the game can perform that chore, by shape or by colour, for them if they wish. There are also 'trays' into which pieces can be placed for later use and, most importantly, there is a hint feature, a cheat feature, an auto-complete feature, and a save game feature. The game has sound effects and music plus it allows the player to use their own music files ( MIDI, .wav and .mp3 formats only). It can import puzzles saved in earlier Puzzle Master and export in those formats too but older versions of the game cannot always read puzzles saved in the latest, default Puzzle Master format.
included in Puzzle Variety Pack ISO 570MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)
ISO Demo 146MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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