Curious George: Reading and Phonics Knowledge Adventure 2002

Curious George has never looked better. Phenomenal 3D graphics grace the scenes of this software as youngsters frolic with George to learn to read. As usual, Curious George is faced with a dilemma. The Man with the Yellow Hat wants to give George a present, and he has left a note instructing George on how to meet him later in the afternoon. However, the note blows into a fan which tears it into five pieces that scatter. George goes on a hunt for the five pieces. Initially, his quest takes him to a tall building. To reach the first piece, George works his way up to the top by helping a window washer identify the letters of the alphabet. Next, George finds a piece at the Natural History Museum after he uses letter sounds to help him reassemble the skeletons of dinosaurs (which, of course, he had knocked down). He also visits a candy factory to learn about rhyming words, a park to practice beginning, ending, and vowel sounds, and the circus to discover how to spell. To travel between each location, kids play a fun arcade game about collecting bananas for George. It uses its charming story to tie together the five progressive phonics activities.
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ISO Demo 470MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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