Imaginext Battle Castle Knowledge Adventure / Vivendi Universal Games, Inc. 2003

This gives players a chance to control a knight and go on adventures in search of the riches necessary to build a castle. The kingdom is full of dangers, however, and users will have to battle goblins, ogres, and other knights. Environments include forests, mountains, plains, and dangerous chasms. After missions are completed, gold earned, and a castle built, knights have one final mission: entering Dragomont's keep and capturing his dragon. Take control of a knight as you travel the land in search of the power experience and riches needed to build a grand castle and become king. Navigate the land as you free victims from the hideous goblins liberate castles and face off against competitive knights. Penetrate Gorgamont's lair imprison his dragon and be declared the next king. Build your castle by adding walls bridges cannons and flags and then take pleasure in destroying yourcastle and rebuilding once again! Play four different missions including castle sieges kingdom battles dungeon rescues and knight's challenges. Ride into battle on a horse wagon battle charger or flying lion while you experience endless play variations that offer a new adventure every time!
ISO Demo 419MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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